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The Hardwork Punk - Carbon-14 !

Assalamualaikum, band ini merupakan antara band punkrocker yang bagi muix sangat la hardwork. Korang boleh lihat dari discography yang dimiliki oleh band. Muix tahu discography yang banyak tak bermakna sesuatu band tu 'power' atau hebat. Tapi ia sebenarnya akan mematangkan kita. :) so enjoy this interview.

muix : So boleh cte lineup terbaru korang?
C14 : Thank you Muix coz willing to interview Carbon 4' Teen. Ok Muix currently Carbon 4' Teen is Apis as Bassist and lead vocal, Redza as Guitarist and second vocal, Boy as Guitarist and Backing Vocal and Epul as Drummer and no vocal. Lol! However for the meantime Carbon 4 Teen appears as 3 piece band because of Boy is staying in Johor and the rest in KL.

muix : Mcm mne blh tertubuhnya Carbon 4 Teen? Maybe ade pengaruh games, song or social life korng?
C14 : In 2001, we love punk music, we went jamming and formed this band. ( such a simple answer, :D )

muix : So by this date,discography yg korng dh release?
C14 :

1. 2010/2009 Easy Punkrock Loves You Too!

2. 2009 / Senandung Pawer Kord

Tracks : Carbon 4 Teen - Gadis Ayu (Black Dog Bone)

3. 2009 / Carbon 4' Teen VS Wrongang

4. 2009 / Demo 5.

Tracks : July 24th, It's Not Now.

5. 2008 / Demo 4.

Tracks : Play It By Ear, Suckturday

6. 2008 / Asian Rock Day Compilation.

Bands : Apaan (Indonesia Punk Rock), One Eighty (Singapore Punk Rock), Carbon 4 Teen (Malaysia Punk Rock), Bottlecapt, Dewata, Half Asleep, Skatanixs, Skunkfix & ETC.

7. 2007 / Demo 3.

Tracks : Tak Ingin Sendiri, Red Ink, Kabur, As I Expected, Life Sold, Throw me away, My College Bitches

8. 2006 / Youth Rebel Compilation

9. 2003 / Demo 2.

Tracks : The System, Drugs, Batu Api, Impian, War is Bitching and Bullshit Label.

10. 2003 / Bebas Compilation.

Bands : Fags & Staned, Carbon 4 Teen, Elmskid, Molotov, Predicate Not Define, Lyophilized, Tosho Daimos, Tussock, Difficult Algebra, ETC.

11. 2002 / Demo 1.
Tracks : Pontian's Song, We're The Punk, Discord, Zionism and Bastard.

muix : Genre music korng?
C14 :
We love to claim Carbon 4' Teen is a Punk Rock band!

muix : Why pilih genre tersebut?
C14 : In an independent scene, we started this band with the objective to voice our ideology about human rights. We strongly oppose racism, fascism, sexism and that was the very reason we chose punk rock genre for the band.

Back in the days when Malaysia's independent music scene was attacked by black metal issue. Mainstream media was labeling bands that wore black shirts, played heavy music and gigging with black metal activities. That really affected us. But now, Malaysia's music industry is steadily accepting independent music (so called Indie) and suddenly everyone wants to be "indie". Whatever it is, it is a good time and good chance to make a move.

It does not mean that if we play softer music we can't voice our ideologies. "Jangan hanya melepaskan batuk di tangga." Being a good musician means that there is a need to know your limits, being a good listener and respecting one and another are our main ingredients in making our dreams come true. Punk Rock loves you too!

muix : But, back nowadays there's a lot malay power band or so called nazi-punk, nazi skin, all these band seems to have their very own supporter, how can this kind of shit have spread, C14 opinion?
C14 : We dont know what they are looking for and yet we're here is not to hate them but they started to write their own border to people and punkers like us who are against racism and fascism. So may this answer can make them clear who are the real fascists.

muix : so have C14 played at music festival inside or outside the country? :D
C14 : Yes. We used to play from the small gigs / jamming studios to the biggest stage, yes we dont mind and we love to make friends and connections. As long as there is no racism, fascism and sexism activities there. Btw, we just name a few shows that we experienced such as Arms with Arms (Volume 2), Punk Picnic 2003, Punx Uprising 2007, Tribute to NOFX (Vol 1&2), ROTTW Soundstage 2007, Punx Unite 2008, Tribute to Bob Marley (2008), Kita Untuk Semua (Acoustic Session 2008), Malaysian Hard Core Mosh Wanted 2008, Y2K & Friends live in Johor Bahru (2008), Asian Rock Day (2008), Punk Rock Party 2008, Noisy Sound Fest 2008, This is a Party in Penang (2008), Punk Rock Confidential in Singapore (2008), Punk Rawk Freakers 2008, From Heart To Feeling 2009, Konsert Bersatu 2009, Malaysia Punk Rock Invasion (Indonesia Tour 2009), Rock Against Zionism 2009

muix : So C14 future planning?
C14 : We're on Struck a Nerve Tour. Insya-Allah the tour will end on next year. You guys can check the tour schedule at Nervhous Records's blogspot. We also on writing and recording our new songs. We promise this time we give a difference tunes in Punk Rock ways. Maybe some of these new songs will go to 4 way split project called Punk Rock Paradox by Nervhous Records and Family. Plus, the other songs we might release by our own with DIY-ly.

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