Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hujan is Illuminati?

There is some guys who send message through my myspace account and said that he there is Illuminati or Freemason sign in Hujan's Mencari Konklusi Album.

He said that :
"kow tgk ader lmbg 3 segi kn??
n aderh bulat bsar kart tgh2, and ader org men gitar , jari tunjuk devil horn..
2 pown da ckp mengexplain kn ader unsur2 illuminati kart c2.."

I will try to contact hujan for further information, if there answer my question. hopefully, haha. :)
but it seems like ROCK sign, haha.

this is the picture :

The Yaakub - I'm the Winner (Official Videos)

Im The Winner

Just get out from yourself

And take your girl away

There’s nobody one to help

Oh yeah this is my day

I don’t care what you think

You don’t know who I am

I know what can I do

Just remember that day

Im the winner x4

Ganu's garage rock band, The Yaakub had released a video of their EP song, I'm The Winners, Enjoy!


Bunkface, another malaysia top pop-punk band. But their music and sound still remain in question? Are their music is their own Bunkface's sound or it just photocopy from other band sound. If we look at their list of admired band such as green day, sum 41 and other pop punk band, so no wonder that the rumours that spread had said that their sound from their latest album " PHOBIA PHONEY" is similar to Green Day sound's. Well I hope that Bunkface will appear to the media and explain and denied the rumours. But, whatever it is be proud of our own MALAYSIA bands !

Bunkface - Soldier

You are a soldier
A rising sun
Wait for the heyday
Look for a way

And believe in yourself
Your name on a shelf
A legend

You are a soldier
The chosen one
Bring back the heyday
Look for a way

With respect and decay
Forever we'll stay together

And singing life is all that we need
But the lies is all that we seen
Raise your hands high up in the sky
Missing secret you will find
In your heart

You are a soldier
Light of the nights
We are the soldiers
We'll stand and fight

At the end of the day
Forever we'll pray
For the legend

(repeat chorus)